Spring Roo Rocks!

OK, that overstates it a bit for me, but consider it kind of a make-up call for my overstating my previous objections.  However, a couple things I think are awesome:

  • After posting about Roo sucking, Ben Alex, founder and lead for the Roo project himself, got back to me to address some of my concerns.
  • I thought there were some “not ready for prime-time” problems and some fundamental problems.  Ben, who is way smarter than me, took the time to explain how some of my “fundamental” problems had potential solutions.  Now, these things aren’t solved yet, but they’re on the roadmap and they’re not insurmountable as I first thought.

I am very impressed that the project lead cares enough about gripes from unknown developers out here that he took the time to respond personally.  That bumps the whole project up in my book.  It’s still not in a state where I can use it for myself, so maybe this post should be “Ben Alex Rocks!”, but it had exciting potential to really increase productivity before I tried to use and it has exciting potential again.  I’ll be watching carefully.

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