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Support for Independent Contractors

A friend of mine asked me about getting set up as an independent contractor. I had looked at Solo W-2 in the past:

Update: See comment below. Solo W-2 is now Solo Workforce.


Nerd Kerfuffle: Hudson to Move to Eclipse! What is Jenkins to Do?

Breaking: Oracle Plans to Transfer Hudson IP to Eclipse | Javalobby.

Hudson was (is) a great continuous integration platform-  super easy to install and use with lots of plugins.  Then, big bad Oracle claimed that while the source was open, the name was not and Oracle owned a trademark on Hudson.  The original author of Hudson, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, said, “Fine, I’m taking my ball and going home,” meaning that he forked the project, called it “Jenkins” and said to Oracle, “There, now the whole thing is open.”  This all happened quite recently, so Jenkins and Hudson are still nearly the same product.

Everyone on both sides seems to agree that the tensions started because of miscommunication, but that wasn’t the whole thing.  The issue was the trademark.  Oracle claims that they just needed more time to resolve an issue and didn’t want to exercise any unusual control over the open source project.

This is another example of why I think Oracle is going to kill Java.  Don’t get me wrong: they don’t want to kill it.  They simply don’t know how to manage it without killing it.  Never assign malevolence to that which can be explained by incompetence.